This blog exists to accompany me as I set myself on a path of growth. If there are readers, I should claim early  that the stories I write may be truth, may also be fiction.

This should be done a while ago. No, it never happened. However, with the mystery of a disappearing boyfriend, a man who I have fallen ferociously in love with, have put me in this desperate disposition to become a better individual. The days I spent crying rereading our text messages upon his disappearance tells me I need to get better. The value this man has added into my life regardless the time we spent, has left my heart defying all the logic my head could provide. One, that’s always on replay in my head is “you, as an individual need to maximise yourself”.

So here I am, with no Facebook and no Instagram trying to get on track and see how much I can achieve in 30 days.

I miss you love.


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