Can you imagine us together?

You mean? 

I mean as a couple.

Can you imagine us together? 


Hmm ok.

You got my answer and now yours.

Let’s see how it goes. 



You don’t answer but you got my answer.

Well I like you. I like you a lot. I can imagine being with you yes. 

You are getting attached to me. It’s nice.

You like that? 

Yes. I think it’s good.

Wow. I think it’s unexpected considering your job and your personality. Guys like you normally avoid attachment and commitments. 

As do I.

And what’s going on now?

Trying something new.


I’m not always going to be in a position where I need detachment. Because my job will adapt. I can’t do this forever.

What changed?

Nothing. But it will, with age.

So I came at the right time?

And you are the right person. Not just timing.

I am still finding my way. 

I know. Be positive.

What are you thinking about? 

You and what you really want.

What do you think I want?

Someone who understands and empathises with you. Who embraces the wild side of you. But also keeps you on your feet.

What do you think I want from YOU? 

All of the above. Help you do that.

I want to kiss you right now.

I’ll kiss you in less than a week.



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