“Let’s fuck. I love how we both are fucking animals. We were perhaps bunnies in our past life.”

“We probably were. We probably still are.” he said.

I have been smoking a lot lately. I smoke till I feel sick in my stomach. Over 36miligrams of nicotine in a shot, more than my usual cotton candy body can handle.
Sometimes when I smoke, I wonder how it would feel like if i put the cigarette stick into my skin. Will the pain make any of these pain lesser? Is that how you felt when you got all those burn scars on your arms?

I had no idea when my potty mouth asked you if you were abused when you were younger. I am so innocent. I was. I wasn’t sympathetic, I don’t know why. Perhaps because I know how strong of a person you are.

“I want to be inside you.
Our skin would be contrasting.” He said.

You drive my mind wild. Constantly intoxicated with dirty desires. I want to be yours. I I want you to have my body. I like how you control my body.

“Your lips are keeping my mind occupied.”
Do they still?

Argh, F, you’re disgusting. I’m disgusted. Get a grip of yourself. Why are you still thinking about these?

But those caramel, burnt caramel skin, they’re so beautiful. I can’t stop wanting them. I am disgusted at how I can be obsessed with a person.

I got issues but you got ’em too.
I am optimistic that one day, I will be okay again.


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